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I want to briefly introduce my method of teaching titled IAM or Integrated Arts Method
My method now is based on three key principles, and their sub-principles (or aspects).
Learning should be: Experiential Synthesized Conducive.
Experiential means (indeed) by experience first.
Synthesized is similar to integrating various mutually enriching subjects.
And, conducive means helpful for learning, conducive atmosphere, positive, appropriately challenging and engaging. Apart from common meaning, these principles cary their unique to IAMethod meaning – the one defined within the IAM or the Integrated Arts Method approach and trademark.
A lengthy explanation done academically is available in my doctoral work (click here to read).
A shorter overview of a few aspects is presented in the website dedicated IAMethod –
I am also envisioning a book on IAMethod with shorted explanation, without many examples and details – for the reader with less time available for this.
Hope you enjoyed reading this intro.

Thanks for reading. For any questions, or to book a lesson – please email Nina directly at [email protected]


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Dr. Nina Soyfer on IAMmethod

Welcome to Integrated Arts Method Approach

The short video introduces lessons for adult teachers, or all ages of students in areas of teaching techniques, IAMethod technique and arts such as classical piano, voice and visual art, as well as yoga and poetry. The school itself is founded for the purpose of teaching and further researching the approach known as Integrated Arts Method, or IAM for short. It is based on three key principles, that learning should be experiential, integrated (or synthesized) and it should take place in a conducive atmosphere. Please contact the facilitator at [email protected] for online lesson inquiries, or to facilitate workshop for your teachers. If there is one take away from this video - is that learning and teaching should be joyful and there is no way around it - efficient and joyful. Very best wishes to all of you Sincerely, Dr. Nina Soyfer Pianist, academic, vocalist (youtube channel: Nina Soyfer).

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